EPA Calls for Inspections of Diesel Fuel USTs

Following a recently released report that found moderate or severe corrosion inside both steel and fiberglass diesel fuel underground storage tanks (USTS), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is calling on all owners of diesel fuel USTS to check for corrosion. By affecting metal components in the tanks, the corrosion could potentially cause systems that detect and prevent tank releases from operating properly. As a result, leaks that could lead to groundwater contamination may go undetected. For the EPA press release, click here. For information on BEI’s USTs inspection and management services, call 908.918.1702 or click here.

Purchasing land? Before you sign on the dotted line. . .

Prospective land purchasers should have a professional environmental assessment (EA) of the property conducted before finalizing the agreement. It’s also prudent to have a contingency included in the purchase contract noting that, if the EA uncovers any environmental issues, the seller is responsible for remediating the issues and covering the costs and/or the buyer may choose to opt out of the purchase. Click here for more on the importance of EAs in land purchases. To learn more about BEI’s EA services, call 908.918.1702 or click here.