Would you know if your UST was leaking?

If you have one or more underground storage tanks (USTs) on your property, you are subject to regulatory requirements to maintain the integrity of your USTs to avoid leaks, one of the key sources of groundwater and soil contamination. Regular tank integrity testing can help prevent leaks but it’s still wise to learn how to recognize signs that your UST may be leaking. According to the EPA, these include:

  • You or others on our property smell escaped product or see an oily sheen on water near your property.
  • Neighbors experience vapor in their basements or water that tastes or smells like petroleum.
  • Someone reports unusual operating conditions at your business (erratic behavior of a dispensing pump, etc.).
  • Leak detection monitoring and testing indicate a leak

For more on USTs, visit the EPA site for FAQ’s on USTs. BEI provides tank integrity testing and other services for all types of USTs, from single-home heating oil tanks to multiple 30,000 gallon tanks. To learn more, call us at 908-918-1702 or click here.