Sectors Served

KeySectorsBrennan Environmental, Inc., serves a wide range of sectors including utilities, insurance companies, attorneys and commercial / industrial and residential property owners.


Brennan Environmental, Inc. has a team devoted exclusively to meeting the environmental needs of utilities. Members of this dedicated team have the know-how and the experience to manage and execute a broad range of projects to help our utility clients remain in compliance with increasingly complex environmental regulations.

Insurance Companies

Brennan Environmental, Inc. has a team dedicated specifically to serving residential and commercial insurance carriers. Our broad service roster includes contractor oversight, third-party impact verification, age dating, plume delineation, work plan development, and soil and groundwater remediation.


Attorneys throughout New York and New Jersey turn to Brennan Environmental, Inc., to manage a broad range of environmental services for their clients, including prospective buyers and current owners of residential, commercial or industrial property. BEI’s broad service offering includes soil, groundwater and indoor vapor investigation, services to determine the source and extent of contamination, and cost-effective remediation services using the latest processes and technologies. BEI provides reliable best case/worst case cleanup scenarios to aid in determining escrows for real estate closings.

Commercial / Industrial Property Owners

Prospective purchasers of commercial or industrial property and current property owners rely on Brennan Environmental, Inc. for a full slate of due diligence, remediation, mitigation and compliance services, as well as closure of above-ground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs). Our environmental experts are available to provide expert testimony and the development of comprehensive health and safety plans.

Residential Property Owners

Underground heating oil tanks raise environmental and economic concerns for homeowners and home buyers because oil leaks underground can lead to environmental damage and very costly cleanup operations. Leaking residential heating oil tanks are governed by NJDEP’s UHOT (Unregulated Heating Oil Tank) Program. Brennan Environmental, Inc. has NJDEP UHOT certified personnel on staff to investigate and remediate unregulated heating oil tanks. BEI has completed thousands of UST remediation projects throughout New Jersey. 

Real Estate Professionals

Today, due diligence is considered a virtual imperative for real estate and business transactions. Brennan Environmental, Inc.’s due diligence services helps our clients avoid unnecessary costs, minimize their environmental liability and gain the insights that help them make informed investment and purchase decisions. Due diligence has become a standard business practice for real estate transactions. BEI performs ASTM Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), ASTM Transaction Screens, and NJ ISRA Preliminary Assessments, Investigations and related compliance services.