Supporting Sound Decision-Making for Our Clients

SupportingDecisionCaseStudyA client considering the purchase of a 25-acre site engaged BEI to conduct a Preliminary Assessment (PA). During the PA process, the BEI team discovered that the site was historically used by commercial and industrial operations. Subsequent sampling during a Site Investigation (SI) identified significant PCB-contaminated soil in a large area of the property. BEI used its expertise to develop detailed best- and worst-case scenarios for our client, including estimates for remediation costs, which could potentially reach several million dollars. The findings of our investigation helped the client make an informed financial decision on whether to purchase the site.

In another case, BEI was engaged to perform an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for our client, a bank considering whether to lend on a particular site. We conducted a Phase I ESA, followed by a Phase II soil and groundwater investigation spurred by the site’s historic / current use by a dry cleaner tenant. Our Phase II investigation identified significant chlorinated solvent ground water contamination. It’s important to note that a previous Phase I completed for the site by another consultant did not recommend a Phase II investigation. Because of our extensive experience, BEI correctly determined that a Phase II investigation was warranted. Without that investigation, the contamination would not have been discovered. Now, armed with the findings from the investigation, our client was able to make an informed business decision about lending on the site.