A Site Remediation “Wish List”

Site remediation recommendations that would help promote smart growth development were among items on a “wish list” presented by the regulated community at the recent “What’s on the Environmental Horizon” conference hosted by CIANJ and attended by BEI President John Brennan. The recommendations included:

  • Provide true and clear relief for innocent purchaser of properties such as non-liable developers, municipalities, and lending organizations.
  • Encourage use of alternative fill, dredge materials and similar beneficial use materials for redevelopment purposes.
  • Reduce requirements of investigating/remediating non-discharge conditions, such as historic fill.
  • Adopt a risk-flexible, risk-based cleanup program similar to those of neighboring states and the federal government.

The CIANJ conference also featured a panel that presented their views on New Jersey’s newly elected Governor Phil Murphy’s initiatives and what to expect from the new NJDEP Commissioner Catherine McCabe. For a list of upcoming CIANJ events, click here.